6 world-class aikido teachers (2 Shihans included!)
Złotów, Poland
Hotel "Zacisze"

5 reasons you should join Aikido Summer Camp by Shin Dojo

1. Diverse teachers - you will have the opportunity to learn with world-class instructors!

2. Plenty of hakamas - practicing with advanced people is the best way to learn Aikido!

3. Exceptional atmosphere on and off the mat - some of the events from previous schools are the stuff of legends.... :-).

4. An ideal way to relax - a person does not live by the mat alone, so between trainings we use the lake, canoes, water bikes, swimming pool and.... free time to do "nothing" :-).

5. Aikido practitioners from all over the world - you will meet people from Poland and abroad and learn many new things about aikido!

WORLD-class teachers

Exceptional aikido teachers from USA, Holland, Germany and Poland

Shihan Vilko Wriesman

Wilko Vriesman Shihan (7th dan)

The Chairman of International Aikido Federation and CEO of Duch AIkido Federation. He obtained his Shihan title in 2017 and has been practising Aikido for more than 40 years.

Kei Izawa Sensei (7th dan)

The vice Chairman of the International Aikido Federation and the chief instructor in Aikikai Tanshinjuku in Colorado, USA. He has been practicing aikido for over 53 years (!!!).

Marian Wiśniewski Shihan (6th dan)

The CEO of the Polish Aikido Federation, long-time technical supervisor of Shin Dojo. He has held the title of Shihan since 2020.

Jean-Marie Millevile Sensei (6th dan)

The Chief instructor of the Berlin club "Aikido Dojo Südstern". An expert in the sword fighting art of Kashima Shin Ryu. Has been training Aikido for more than 30 years.

Wojciech Drąg Sensei (6th dan)

The co-founder and the head teacher at Shin Dojo. He has been training aikido for over 30 years.

Adam Manikowski Sensei (6th dan)

The co-founder and the head teacher at Shin Dojo and also the vice CEO of the Polish Aikido Federation. He has been training aikido for over 30 years.


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  1. PRICE (training, full board, accommodation in triple rooms included):
    • enrolment and advance payment before 31.03.2023: 280 Euro
    • enrolment and advance payment after 31.03.2023: 320 Euro
  2. MEALS - breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant

Trainings schedule:

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Exceptional atmosphere on and off the mat!

"Zacisze" Hotel

Comfortable, three-bed rooms with private bathroom. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant.


Złotów, Poland


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25 years of Shin Dojo

The aikido cummer camp is organised as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of "Shin Dojo" Aikido Poznań Club.